1: Excerpt from Computer Audiophile Review by Chris Connaker: 

The Auraliti PK100 is a finely tuned well designed computer file player. It's simple user interface that requires no tweaking is a major benefit to many computer audiophiles. The fact that users can't adjust any settings and obtain bit perfect playback automatically cannot be emphasized enough. this is a big deal. In my experience the most common cause of dissatisfaction with computer based sound quality is lack of bit perfect output. The PK100 completely solves this issue. Potential PK100 purchasers should ensure they've considered all the features this player offers and does not offer. This player is not a one size fits all music server and will not help complete one's taxes before April 18, 2011. The PK100 is capable of changing the way one listenings to music with it's highly refined minimalist feature set and simple operation. My tagline for this CA recommended player is, The Auraliti PK100 connect, select, and play.

2: Excerpt from Vade Forrester review in Soundstage Hi-Fi

The SACD promised sound quality superior to that of the Compact Disc, but to my ears, cheap SACD players from Sony and other manufacturers didn’t sound appreciably better than CD players. It was only with substantially higher-priced players that SACD distinguished itself -- listening to a good SACD on an EMM Labs player was one of the more ear-opening moments in my digital listening experience.

If you’re worried that the modestly priced Auraliti PK100 won’t let you distinguish hi-rez audio files from their CD counterparts, don’t -- it will. The PK100 is much simpler to set up and use than a computer-based server, and lets you select how much storage space you want to invest in. Most other music servers at or below its price range won’t play 176.4 and 192kHz files, so getting the Auraliti is one way to future-proof your investment. And if you want even better sound, you can buy a better DAC.

But there’s actually no need to rush to the DAC store -- the PK100’s own DAC is listenable. You can wait till your wallet recovers from buying the PK100 to start searching for a better DAC, if you even feel the need for one. Of course, if you already have a good DAC with an S/PDIF input, so much the better.

If you haven’t yet begun using computer audio files because you’re uncomfortable with a computer, or don’t feel like buying an extra computer for storing and playing music files, the Auraliti PK100 is an easy, inexpensive way to get started -- and it has the legs to be used in an advanced high-resolution audio system.

3: Digisound Blog review:

Auraliti PK 100 - finally a real digital music player for audiophiles!

The PK100 file player is a computer underneath it's understated black metal housing. The PK100 is a file player that requires no setup. In fact it cannot be setup by the end user. The PK100 arrives from Auraliti pre-configured and set in a read-only state of operation. When I connect music via USB hard drive to the PK100 the music appears in one of the many remote control applications and starts paying when I hit the play button within the app.


Can I use this device in my home Wi-Fi network?

Yes, but not if you plan to use a server to feed the player high resolution files from another room. If you plan to connect volumes (HDD or SSD)  via USB and only use Wi-Fi for control purposes then everything will work just fine. To add Wi-Fi we recommend either the Trendnet or DLINK Travel Router. This device is easy to configure with your laptop or desktop computer and then connected via wired Ethernet to the PK100. This keeps WiFi noise outside the player and eliminates the need for a monitor and keyboard needed to type a WiFi password. The elimination of all things extraneous to music playback helps ultimate sound quality and system reliability. 

Will it recognize files on my Windows laptop on the network?

Yes. Any Network Share can be used. However, we recommend use of a dedicated NAS device such as the Netgear ReadyNAS for network storage. This line of products is easy to configure, reliable, and reasonably priced. A NAS also provides services that allow you to easily connect and load files from your PC or Mac.

How does the player recognize my music library held on my hard disk attached to my computer?

You disconnect the drive from your computer and connect it to one of the PK100 USB ports. The PK100 will recognize the drive and build a database of the contents. This database is then made available on you network so you can select albums and control playback from any device connected to your network that has a web browser, be it a laptop, iPod or smart-phone.

How do I control my music library?

You can connect to the PK100 internal web page using any device with a web browser or use any of a multitude of MPD remote control clients such as the web page generated by the Player or MPad which runs on iPad. For Android devices our current favorite is MPDroid. More info can be found here:

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